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Otherwise known as the 10 Minute rule: This tip will help you do the work when you can't be bothered doing the work


Gavin and I both work really long days. We’re typically up at 5am trying to sneak in an hour or two of work before Ethan gets up, then the day commences. Gavin goes and does a 12 hour shift at his day job (truck driving) and I go and do a 12 hour shift at mine (mothering + freelance brand identity designing).

We also have a mutual agreement that from Sunday to Thursday, when Ethan goes to bed at 7pm, we’ll both work until 9pm that night too. (Gavin on his book and me on my business). The thing is… Exhaustion. 

There are SO many days when one or both of us are so mentally/physically exhausted that the mere thought of firing up the computer is too much to handle. Yet we both know that making daily progress towards our goals is what makes us happy and fulfilled overall.

So how do we combat the urge to couch crash with Netflix?

We have a rule. If you don’t feel like doing the work, you need to open up the computer and commit to 10 minutes of whatever it is you don’t want to do. Just 10 minutes. Set a timer if you like. And when that 10 minutes is up, you can absolutely shut everything down, walk away and do all the Netflix binging you want. 

There are three major benefits to this rule:

  • After 10 minutes of working on something, I’m usually in the zone and want to keep on working. These tend to be our most focused and productive nights. 


  • However, when I find myself clock watching those 10 minutes, breathing a sigh of relief when they’re over and following up with some much needed lounging, I still walk away feeling hugely accomplished. Because I pushed through, showed up… And actually did something.


  • I’m a big believer in listening to your body and knowing when it’s time to rest. But I feel like that little 10 minutes of work actually boosts my recharge when I take the rest of the night off. It eradicates the guilt and allows me to relax more deeply.

Do you have any tips, tricks or tactics that you rely on to help you do the work, when you really can’t be bothered?
It happens to me so often, I feel like I could do with an entire arsenal of weapons to combat it. 

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