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2 Unusual little tricks to try when waiting for your kettle to boil from

I’m not a coffee drinker. I adore the smell of coffee, but I really don’t like the taste. 
I think this stops me from being a part of some cool business owner club where everyone goes for coffee and talks about their space ship coffee machines… But alas, my obsession is not coffee. It’s tea. 

The problem with this mild tea obsession is that something so simple that brings me pleasure and requires me to walk away from my desk, equates to massive procrastination. 

Yes, that’s right. I procrastinate by making myself 65 cups of tea a day (on average). So when I realised that a large amount of my down time was spent waiting for the kettle to boil, and being the productivity freak I am… I had to game it somehow.

So here are the two slightly unusual things I do while my kettle boils :

  1. High Knees Running in Place: Guaranteed to get the blood pumping and shake off the cobwebs.

  2. Wall Sits: This makes me wish desperately that I had bought the super-duper-fast boiling kettle, it makes me pray for mercy every time and eventually fall in a crumpled heap in the floor when I finally hear that ‘click’. But my bum & legs are starting to thank me for this torture. And finally sitting back down at my desk feels really good.

Do you have any micro exercise habits during the work day?
Or do you ever force yourself to do weird little challenges like that? 

*Disclaimer, I do not do this every single time I make a cup of tea. If I did, I’d likely have a backside to rival Kim Kardashian. Which I do not. There are many times you’ll find me hunting for chocolate to accompany my tea instead of wall sitting. But during work days, I try my best to stick to these rules*

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