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A list of ways to release frustration and bust through your creative blocks.


I got a bad case of creative block this week which almost sent me into a blind panic.
I don’t often fall victim to it, so when it happens, it’s damn scary. 

“What do you mean you don’t know what to write about?! You have three blog posts to write, a Sunday Love newsletter to send out AND you have a four hour block, two bars of chocolate and a document of 50+ blog post ideas… What more do you want lady?”

The self berating was almost instant the minute I realised I couldn’t get a word down on the page, or the screen for that matter. So I did what I do best, I began researching. Looking for ways to get me out of my funk. It was successful! Because here I am writing. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite ways to get rid of a creative block. Many of which have been in my arsenal for years. Most I’ve tried. Some I’ve yet to. 

If your creative juices are currently flowing, enjoy the list but make sure you save it as a ‘get out of jail free’ card for when the dreaded block comes to visit. And when that day comes… You’re welcome.

  1. Go for a shower – Make it cold if you’re warm or hot if you’re cold. It’s all in the contrast.
  2. Do tumbles – I’m serious! You’ll see some suggestions for weird ways to move your body on this list. Trust me. It works.
  3. Meditate – I know, predictable. But for good reason.
  4. Clean your workspace – Ain’t no inspiration coming to visit you if your desk is a dump. 
  5. Go for a walk – Aimlessly.
  6. Listen to a podcast while cleaning – The combination of mind stretching, body moving and space preening works a treat.
  7. Have a treat – Go drink tea and eat chocolate, you deserve a rest while you bang your head against the wall.
  8. Colour in – Those colouring books that are all the rage now? Perfect for busting blocks.
  9. Dance – Music + movement = medicine.
  10. Go for a drive – It seems that motivation and inspiration like it when I’m moving at unnatural speeds with constant changing surroundings.
  11. Bribe yourself – If I write this blog post, I can absolutely buy that overpriced top I’ve had my eye on. 
  12. Jump – Skip, trampoline, pogo… Anything that gets your body moving vertically. Shake it off.
  13. Drink as much water as you can physically take – Dehydration is really good at secretly putting us in slow motion.
  14. Change your surroundings – Fresh eyes, fresh vibes, fresh thoughts. 
  15. Phone a friend – Talk it out or don’t talk about it at all, just connecting with someone will help clear your mind.
  16. Read a book – Getting lost in the work of another creative can help restore your faith that it’s possible. 
  17. Have a nap – The ultimate reset button.
  18. Create something other than what you’re trying to – If you want to write, draw. If you want to draw, paint. If you want to paint, cook. 
  19. Lie on the floor with your headphones on – This feeling is what they mean when they say music soothes the soul. 
  20. Get dressed up – Do your hair nice, wear something fancy, feel good about yourself. 

    I’ve saved the best for last…

  21. Open up a blank document and just start writing. Literally like this:

    So, it’s me. And I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just writing. And it doesn’t make sense, because that’s ok. This week I’ve been thinking about Bowie and chocolate. But mainly Bowie. I also feel like cooking. There’s food. And it still feels weird to be writing and I have no idea what I’m going to do. This block is a bit scary. But I’m going to keep writing until something comes out that’s worth writing about. Even if it’s rubbish. I can always elaborate on it later. 

    That little ramble is taken from the blind journalling (as I like to call it) entry I did after realising I had writers block this week. I just kept writing and writing and writing for about three pages. Total nonsense, but in the end, I was able to pull out a few ideas and develop those ideas into blog posts. You’re reading one of them now. 

I hope you found this list in some way useful. I know I’ll be pinning it for future reference of my own for sure! 

Are there any go-to ways you bust through your creative blocks?

Anything I left out that should be in there? I’d love to update this list with your ideas. 

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