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Behind the scenes in February


A little snap shot of what life involves these days.


Listening To: The Royal Blood album on repeat in the car. It’s Ethan’s favourite album at the moment, so there’s no escape. I’ve also been enjoying The Minimalists podcasts which have given enormous food for thought. And recommended by The Minimalists, I’ve started listening to The Savage Lovecast, which [Warning] is probably the most sexually explicit thing you could listen to, but it’s hilarious, eye opening and keeps me laughing while I clean my house. 


Reading: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Stunningly written and a monstrous 580 pages long, I’m working my way through it slowly but surely. Especially during my Midday Fiction Breaks.


Enjoying: Parties, within 12 days we’ve had Ethan’s birthday, Gavin’s birthday, Australian Citizenship Ceremony and my birthday, so there have been celebrations galore, which is both fun and exhausting. I’m loving the time spent with my boys and friends. 


Making: Paintings for the sake of paintings. No one else is seeing them but me and it feels very liberating. 


Thankful For: Goal lists, balcony breezes, Saturday naps, Monday morning work, crispy potatoes, stickers in my planner, hilarious two year old mannerisms, friends who love wholeheartedly, salads from Manna, my drawing tablet and husband hugs.


Looking Forward To: My solo weekend away. Upcoming date night (it’s been a while). A round the world visit from the in-laws. 



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