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A little snap shot of what life involves these days

Listening To: The Bane Rendition by The Raconteurs and other similar chilled out rock/blues instrumentals. This is typically the type of music I write to. I’m also pretty into The Lively Show Podcast by Jess Lively and for extra motivation, Lambo Goal Podcast by Sean McCabe.

Reading: I’m just finishing up on Cider with Rosie which is a 1959 memoir by Laurie Lee. The writing is absolutely stunning. Then I’ll be getting started on The Queens Code by Alison Armstrong. 

Enjoying: Watching my two year old son slip into his own style. His mannerisms, words and little looks. I just can’t get enough of them. 

Making: time for myself to paint, play and organise. I know the last one is a funny past time, but I’m starting to realise that organising my days and belongings is the best therapy. It makes me feel calm and centred. So I’m making more time to do it. 

Thankful For: Balmy nights, air conditioning, dark chocolate, companionship, creativity, memory keeping, parks, cold water and 0.2 Uni Pin pens.

Looking Forward To: my creative retreat. I’ve got it booked close to my birthday, so it’s going to feel like an extra special treat. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might want to read this Huffington Post Article I wrote. 


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