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Daily Routine of a Creative Freelancer featuring Erin E Flynn - Follow the whole series on
Erin E Flynn has been making websites since the dark ages of the internet (1999), and running her own web development business since 2012. A huge fan of streamlining and communication, Erin now helps coach new designers in simplifying their businesses and making more money. When she’s not glued to her computer screen, you can find Erin hiking, camping, or binge-watching Netflix. Find her online at, or join her Unstoppable Crew to take control of your design business!
How, and when, do you typically wake up in the morning?
I hate getting up in the mornings, but my husband works a “normal” job and it makes the most sense for us both to be on the same schedule, so we’re both typically up by 6:15 am. The “how” varies: I bought my husband one of these light alarm clocks which is amazing (none of that screeching like traditional alarm clocks–totally worth the price!), so sometimes that wakes me up, or, if my cat (Fred) decides it’s time for pets and playing, he’ll wake me up a little more forcefully.
What do you do before work?
I’m trying to be one of those people who gets up in the morning, does some yoga, and writes for 30 minutes. Most mornings though, I end up zombie-stumbling to the kitchen and making coffee (aeropress is the best!), then stumbling to my computer and catching up on social media and blogs for an hour or so. It’s not the best way to start the day, so it’s something I’m working on!
How do you keep on top of tasks?
I write out my to-do list the night before. That way, once the coffee kicks in, I’m good to go.
How do you stay motivated?
I tend to either be totally into something and completely motivated, or have no interest at all. I really love what I do, so that helps with 90% of my business. And checking things off my to-do list is one of my favorite things (really). But sometimes I have trouble with certain aspects of my business (like blogging consistently) and for that I have to enforce deadlines and sometimes reward myself by doing something fun afterwards. The best thing, I’ve found, if I hit a serious slump in motivation, is to take a vacation. A few days off and away from the computer can really get me motivated to dive back in.
What do you have for lunch?
I eat leftovers for lunch if we have them, or if not, I typically make a salad. 
How do you beat the afternoon slump?
I take a break and play with Fred! He’s a very active cat, so around 3 pm he needs to play, and will let me know. I get up from my desk and “fish” with him until he gets worn out. This lets me move a bit too, and wakes me up.
When do you clock off?
5 pm, on the dot. I don’t like working after my husband gets home. Having a non-negotiable end time means I have to get my work done during the day, and gives us time to spend together in the evenings.
Is there anything you like to always do before bed?
I really like to journal and read before bed. It helps me wind down and get out some of those ideas swirling in my brain!
Rapid Fire Questions…
Pajamas or Grown Ups Clothes?
Neither! Sweatpants and tees.
Regimented Routine or Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Your-Pants?
Tea or Coffee? Which flavour?
Coffee with coconut oil and almond milk.
One Big Break or Lots of Little Breaks?
Lots of breaks.
Work Station or Work From Wherever?
Work station.
Lunch at your Desk or Dining Table?
Guys, I’m part of Erin’s Unstoppable Crew and have to say, it’s a very supportive and value packed group. Check it out and Erin’s website here. She is one extraordinarily talented lady.

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