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The Daily Routine Of Creative Freelancer Sonja Bajic


Sonja Bajic is an illustrator and an artist. Her architectural background is reflected in her love for maps that she produces on a daily basis together with all kind of drawings and illustrations of the story she hears, writes or loves. Sonja was born and raised in Serbia (ex – Yugoslavia), and while living in the same street she changed four countries! Today she works from Paris, France and stands behind many projects like for which she is searching for a publisher. Everything she does you can see on Instagram is her happy place (@sonjabajic).

How and when, do you typically wake up in the morning?

I try to wake up around 8, 8.30 in order to be at my desk by 10. This is sometimes very hard since I am MUCH better in working during the night – no external factors – emails, facebook, instagram, twitter, phonecalls, urge to go out and drink Beaujolais. I am getting better at working during the day. I promise! It’s been a few months now, that I am trying hard!

What do you do before work?

Warm water and lemon. I work from home at the moment and I miss walks to work. Especially when it’s pretty and sunny. I make myself a tea – usually something mild and elegant and respectful to the mornings. I check my Instagram if I didn’t do that from the bed. I plan which podcasts or music will I listen to that day. I write the list of the things I need to do that day and I make an hourly schedule (hourly agenda is the best thing I did for my organisation!).

How do you keep on top of tasks?

Lists! Lovely old school lists. Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly lists, post it notes and notes to myself. An open notebook where I scribble my thoughts when they happen.

How do you stay motivated?

I listen to a lot of podcast and I get inspired by people who believe that work and pushing through hard times will bring better tomorrows. I also try to diversify my tasks – pen, pencil or ink combined with screen and mouse. So I don’t get bored. I try to have positive people around that are happy to say good things, that are happy to help people and criticize when necessary.

What do you have for lunch?

Something warm and healthy! But I try to make a balance between salt and butter – and warm and healthy – don’t worry! Today I will have brussels sprouts with apple and bacon (baked in the oven). Balance is everything!

How do you beat the afternoon slump?

It rarely happens! Few years ago I got rid of the caffeine – I was dependent on that afternoon coffee. Having a caffeine free life was a great decision and now,6 years later I don’t even miss it! (ok, sometimes, fine). If I slip into a sleepy mode – I go for a walk around the block – I check out shop windows, weirdos on the street and I hope that I won’t meet anyone who will suggest me an early apero cocktail!

When do you clock off?

I rarely clock off. I keep on working until I have some social plans or until I need to go for a run or stretch. Which I know is bad and I am trying to fix that! The cult of busy leads us to anxiety.

Is there anything you like to always do before bed?

I like to let some fresh air in, drink an lavender/camomile/linden infusion, and read a page or two of some nice fiction. Sometimes I like to write down a few facts about the previous day. Not to forget it!


Rapid Fire Questions…


Pajamas or Grown Ups Clothes?


Grown up Clothes
But actually can I go for adolescent clothes? When working at home I’m usually very grungy (big sweaters in winter//flowery dresses in summer) with a hint of make up in a case of skype call. But when out – it’s grown up – androgynous shoes, nice jackets and scarfs. Since I moved to Paris I started wearing a lot of black – but I try to do colourful or interesting splashes with details.


Regimented Routine or Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Your-Pants?


OCD in me asks for Regimented Routine, ADD in me asks for “just relax, baby”.


Tea or Coffee? Which flavour?


Tea. I like it green. Or red. There is a great combo I buy in Serbia, it’s called Elegance. The base are green and white tea (silver needle – the one with the highest quality)  and it has dried raspberries and jasmine flowers in it. It’s wonderful.


One Big Break or Lots of Little Breaks?


Small breaks! I try not to sit for longer than two hours connected. My body feels better that way!


Work Station or Work From Wherever?


Except if that wherever includes crying babies or electro music.


Lunch at your Desk or Dining Table?


At my desk. Terrible thing! Pens, forks, paper, eraser, plate, oh is this bread from yesterday?, mobile phone, watercolor set…etc. This needs to be changed!


I hope you loved this interview with Sonja as much as I did. Her beautiful nature really comes across in her writing. If you’d like to find out more about Sonja, you can visit her website here or follow her on Instagram here (I love her Insta-feed!). 

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