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It was my birthday this week.

This is my favourite time of year for kicking back and taking stock of where I am and where I’m going. That’s why you’ve had no new blog posts from me this week. I’m having some deep thinking time. I’ve even booked myself into a cosy little cottage for some solo planning and plotting (and let’s be real, lounging and napping) as a birthday present.

When I started my business two years ago, from the very first client I took on, I’ve always known that philanthropy was going to be an important part of my business model. I wanted to get it in at the beginning, even though I was broke. And successfully since then, for every client I’ve had, I’ve given a $25 microloan to a woman in need of a leg-up in her own business through KIVA. I’m looking forward to another year of adding to it.

I’ve loved that process. Getting a business off the ground and seeing my clients excel while simultaneously helping a woman who I’ll never truly know, nurture her own livelihood. It’s become as necessary in my business as paying taxes (and way more fun).

This year, I wanted to do something else, as well as my KIVA microloans. Something that would help a woman I could have a chance of speaking with and forming a relationship with. Something that could give an unexpected leg up to someone trying their best, without the budget to back up their ambition.

I’ve always been interested in businesses that inspire social change. Because I feel that if we really get in there and change the consciousness of society, we will naturally see the world become a better, fairer, more embracing place. 

So this year, (and hopefully once a year going forward) I would love to give away a full logo design package to a non-profit, charity OR profit model business* that inspires social change. That can be through a product, education, coaching… Anything really. All you’ll need to do is explain how what you do, changes the world for the better.

The package will include:


My signature Values Based Branding Exploration – Where we dig deep and unearth the underlying values for why you do what you do.


Values artwork – So you can show the world why you do what you do.


A custom designed logo with submark


2 x Social Media Headers


1 x Website Header


1 x 2 Sided Business Card Design

The turnaround time will be approximately 4 weeks and you will have full license to all artwork when the project is finished. You’ll also get all original files so you can use your new branding on anything and everything, big and small.

I can only offer this to one business at this moment in time.
To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Share this on any social media channel of your choice

  2. Fill in the form below…

Giveaway 2016: Full Logo Package

  • Give me a brief description of your business and how you feel it makes the world a better place.

I will read through all entries and decide which project I resonate with most. I’ll then announce the winning project on the blog and via my email list (make sure you’re signed up below).

*The reason I’ve opened this up to all business types is that I believe incredible good can be done in the world whether your non-profit, charity or making profit in a business.


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