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Hello Hello. Come in. Come in.

Did you bring cake? Because it’s my birthday you know.

Yep, not my blog-a-versary or any of that crap, my actual real life birthday. And what better day to launch a new website on? *Happy birthday to me!* Feels like it will bring me some good internet juju.

So if we haven’t already met, I’m Naomi, as you can probably tell from that huge banner at the top with my name on it. I’m not actually new to this gig, I’ve been blogging for five years now, mostly over here. However, that space started to feel a bit of a misrepresentation of late.

You see for the last six months I’ve been running my own business. Hence the website. But for those last six months, I haven’t actually had my own website until today.

Wait… A web designer without a website? I know.

I could give you a bunch of reasons as to why, but frankly that’s boring to list and really quite irrelevant but the main overarching reason has been that, well, I haven’t needed it.

You see in my first six months I have been booked out a few months in advance and continue to be to this day. Mainly all client referrals, which means I must be doing something right I suppose.

But here we are today, a website put together and a new space to call my blog home. For those of you who have been readers for a while, things won’t change too much. I’ll still be posting lifestyle posts and my latest finds. But this blog space will become a much more well rounded version of myself including how I run my business, how I dress my body and other things I find useful or interesting. There will still be the occasional chat post about inspirational topics and you will definitely find me sharing the best resources I have for living life in a way that allows me to get shit done and have fun doing it.

If you’re a fan of the old blog, I won’t be deleting it anytime soon. I quite like having it there, but you won’t see any new posts. I hope you’ll hang around here a while though. I’m still painting the walls, but we can order pizza and have a good time.

Much love,


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