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Alright, first, let’s call me out on the janky click bait title of this post. Is it a push for SEO? Yes.
Is this a step-by-step-fail-proof-guaranteed way for you to get published on The Huffington Post? No.

HOWEVER, this post is a step-by-step guide, in great detail, about how I got published on The Huffington Post after my very first submission. I hope you get a lot of value out of this, and to make it easier to squeeze the juice out, there will be some practical and magical takeaways for you at the bottom of the post, becasue I’m a practical and a magical kinda girl.



How to Get I Got Published on The Huffington Post:

1. I was batch writing my blog posts one Sunday at the library and wrote a blog post called “The Exact Recipe of Online Success (and Why You Shouldn’t Listen to All The Internet Marketers)“. It was pretty damn snarky. (As an aside, I wrote it to lecture myself after reading too many internet marketer emails).

2. After finishing the post, which took approximately 10 minutes to tumble out of me onto the screen, I thought “this would be suited to something like The Huffington Post”. I then thought, who the hell do I know at The Huffington Post? Answer = No-one. So rather than Google for their submissions page, I Googled for the email address of the only person I knew that worked there… Arianna Huffington.

3. Over the tannoy, a librarian’s voice called, “The library will be closing in 15 minutes time, please save your work as the wifi will be shut down in 10 minutes.” So I quickly hashed together the following email:

Arianna Email

I attached the post, hit send, shut down my computer and then completely forgot about it.

Later, a friend said “Yeah, right, how do you submit to The HuffPost and forget about it?”. But honestly, I thought it was such a ridiculous stab in the dark to be emailing Arianna Huffington on a Sunday with a 10 minute blog post, that I assumed it wasn’t going to happen and got on with my day.

I didn’t even tell my husband. And I tell him everything.

4. On Monday morning, I opened up my email for the first time that day at 11:30am to find this:

Arianna Email 2


I’m not joking when I say that I had forgotten the submission to the point that when I saw ‘Arianna Huffington’ in my inbox, I almost deleted it assuming the email was a spambot.

5. After rubbing my eyes and jumping for joy, I called my husband, sent the bio and was given login details to submit future posts.
It was fast, furious and now I’m a published blogger for The Huffington Post.

So as promised, the takeaways:



1. Take a chance and email Arianna directly. I probably shouldn’t give you this advice, but I’m sure her inbox is well manned by various assistants, and considering her email address is all over the internet, let’s take a guess that she’s happy to be contacted.


2. Don’t wait until Monday morning to send your email like every other person out there.


3. In fact, while we’re on the subject, just don’t wait. Ever. Do it now. Whatever you’re gearing yourself up to do, you’re procrastinating. Do it now.


4. Keep the email super super short. They do not need to know who you are, where you’ve been and what you had for breakfast. They just need to know your content works.


5. Remember that The Huffington Post accepts previously published pieces. So you don’t have to write something brand new. If you’ve got a post that’s already killing it, take 3 minutes to email it to them now. 





1. Send and forget. Completely detach yourself from the outcome. You get published, or you don’t. No biggie. The fact that you did the work, and took the chance means that the rest of it is out of your hands. So put it clean out of your mind, you did your part. Now it’s up to the universe to deliver the outcome perfect for you at that moment in time. 


2. Write from the heart. When I say I wrote that post in 10 minutes, what I actually mean is… I wrote that post in 10 minutes. It came out of nowhere. It wasn’t perfectly tweaked and edited, researched and mulled over. It was just what I needed to say. And it resonated with some people at exactly the right time. 

So there you have it, exactly, in detail and screenshots, how to get published on The Huffington Post.

P.S. If you’re already published, please share your favourite submission (and maybe how you got published) below. I’d love to read it.
P.P.S. If you’ve never been published, but subsequently submit as a result of this post, PLEASE let me know! I’d love to wave pom-poms for you!
P.P.P.S. If you submit and get published as a result of this post, PLEASE let me know! I want to celebrate and share the hell out of your first HuffPost!

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