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I had a strange experience in my car the other day.

As a mother of a one year old, it was one of those rare times when I got to drive alone. The journey was about an hour each way and I was genuinely excited about it. I tossed up between blasting some Deftones or listening to inspirational podcasts. The podcasts better suited my mood that day, so I downloaded a few and went on my very merry way.

I was engrossed in one podcast episode in particular, The Lively Show’s interview with Hal Elrod. Hal preaches of morning routines, and whilst I’m a fan of them anyway, all of a sudden I decided that I was going to add a morning run into my routine.

Considering I cannot run the length of myself, this was an odd addition.

However, my reasoning was this… If I get up early in the morning and go for a run, it will give me time to think. And that time to think would be glorious and I would have breakthroughs and become a millionaire and a better mother because of it. If I just had time to think.

Within 20 minutes, the podcast was over and I was stopped at a set of traffic lights doing that thing that we all know we’re not supposed to do, shuffling with my phone trying to load the next inspirational podcast whilst monitoring the colour of the lights in my peripheral vision.

Then it dawned on me… Why was I trying to carve out thinking time in the form of a morning run, when I had it right there and then. Instead of being cool with my own thoughts, I was trying desperately at a set of traffic lights to prevent silence filling my car and giving me the must needed head space I apparently craved.

I caught myself. Put the phone down. Settled into the slightly uncomfortable, but ever so luxurious silence that filled the car. Then I just let my mind do its thing. It wandered and planned, plotted and reminisced, it problem solved and future tripped, it stretched, opened and became free to roam.

I think recently, I’ve been so caught up in either staying motivated or stilling my mind with meditation, that I had completely forgotten just how important and downright luxurious it felt to have time and silent space to actually think.

So if it’s been a while, if you’re chewing on a problem… Ditch the headphones… Go for a drive, clean your house, take a walk and just… Well… Think.

Much love,



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