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My Best Two Ingredient Skincare Tip -- Perfectly natural, cheap and shows amazing instant results. I swear by this | |


We live right next to the beach in one of the hottest countries on Earth. 

While this does mean a cleansing sea breeze and excellent Vitamin D exposure, it also means a lot of sweat, sunscreen and dried sea salt. Which for me, over the last month or so, has led to terribly clogged pores. 

I had read about this tip a few times on good old Pinterest. A coffee and coconut oil face scrub. But for some reason dismissed it as a less effective natural alternative to the face masks I have already bought. 

Until one day, I noticed a bucket of used coffee grounds in our local cafe with a sign saying “Free” in front. I subsequently found out that people take it by the bucketload for their gardens (apparently a great soil conditioner and compost additive) which explained the very strange look the Barista gave me when I rocked up one day with a teeny tiny jar to fill. I explained it was to make a face scrub, to which he replied “I’ve not heard that one yet”.

So off I went home to mix the grounds with some coconut oil. I am not joking when I say that the results are instantaneous. My pores were mostly unclogged, my skin was glowing and tauter than before. I’ve been using it once or twice a week since. 

For the sake of this post, I’ve also researched exactly why this two ingredient DIY face & body scrub works so damn well. And here’s what I uncovered…

The coffee grounds are exfoliating, but also boost the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. Which explains the taut, anti-aging effect. A recent study has also shown that when topically applied, caffeine actually reverses the harmful effects caused by UV exposure!

The addition of coconut oil makes it easier to apply. But also adds antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial benefits. Making it perfect for any skin type, be that dry, oily, or combination. 

The other thing I love about this scrub is that I don’t like the taste of coffee. No matter how many times I try it. But I do love the smell of it. So waking up and being able to scrub my face with coffee first thing in the morning while the scent fills the room is incredible. 

And if you don’t happen to have coconut oil on hand or still can’t get over the idea of applying oil to your face, put some of the coffee grounds in your hand and mix into a paste with a few drops of water, I’ve found this works just as well.

I’d love to know if any of you use this already, or if it’s something you might try?

Much love and coffee, 


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