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A quick & easy trick to help you remember your new habits via


If you are a member of the internet (and my educated guess is that you are), you will likely have seen one of those jars before.

But in case you haven’t a faintest notion what it is, it’s a Daily Moments Jar. At least, that’s what I call mine. The trend for these jars seems to be calling them Gratitude Jars / Happiness Jars / Memory Jars and the aim of the game is to fill the jar with one little thing you’re grateful for every day. Then when the year ends, you can take them out and ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ over everything you put in there. 

I write something on a little piece of paper and put it in the jar every day. But rather than noting what I’m grateful for, I write down a little moment that made me happy that day. I keep the jar on my bedside table and scraps of paper (most often shreds of failed paintings) and a pen in the drawer. 

However, I’m terrible at keeping up new habits. I have to treat myself like a kid and remove every single obstacle in my way, then make the steps so simple, it’s almost harder not to continue the habit. For a few days there, even though everything I needed was right there, I forgot to fill in my little notes. So when making my bed this morning, I took the jar from my bedside and put it right on my spot on the bed. 

Which means that tonight, I’ll have to physically move the jar to get into bed, making it infinitely more likely that I’ll deposit a daily moment note into the jar to make my future self both satisfied and happy. 

I also hang bags I need to remember on the front door handle, put kitchen items I need to remember to put on the shopping list in the middle of the floor and keep my box of floss in my bathroom sink.

Yes, it’s a basic and almost insulting way to remember to do something as simple as floss… But I’m telling you, unless I have a physical obstruction that screams at me to complete the task, I often forget. 

So the next time you want to form a new habit, think of ways to remind yourself in the bluntest terms.

  • Hang your workout clothes on the shower head so you can’t get showered without working out.
  • Stick a plan of your ideal day to the bathroom mirror and again on the fridge. 
  • Have your supplements and a glass sitting on the kitchen bench the night before to remind you in the morning.
  • Leave your journal on your keyboard, so you don’t get to work until you’ve written a little.
  • Stick a note to your monitor telling you what the first task you need to complete is, so you don’t automatically open email or worse… Facebook. 

These are just a few examples of the random habit obstructions you can create to steer yourself in the right direction. 

Do any of you use this tactic with yourself already?
Or maybe you have more willpower than me and don’t have to physically obstruct your person to remember to do something you genuinely want to do?

Either way I’d love to hear. 

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