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The Biggest Freelancer Myth -


Confucius was a dude.

A Chinese philosopher and politician who championed justice and sincerity, his contribution to history is pretty impressive. He’s also really good at filling up your Pinterest feed with awesome quotes.

However, I think I’d like to invite him over for dinner one day, well, if I lived back in 500BC… Let’s for the record be clear, I am NOT inviting a Chinese philosophers ghost over for dinner. But if I could break bread with the man, I’d have to challenge him on one of his pearlers.


The Biggest Freelancer Myth -



I see the sentiment, I really do. However, I cannot help but call bullshit and get a bit irk-y when I see graphics with this quote fly around the inspirational-quote-ernet. It’s the biggest freelancer myth.

I cannot quite put into words just how much I love what I do. Creating brands for super intelligent and creative business owners on the daily is entirely what floats my boat. I’m making a living from a job that I love and I have chosen this. However, the fact that I’ve just put my kid to bed after a long day, it’s 7pm and I’m eating cold french toast for dinner whilst trying not to get olive oil on the keys as I type this, also knowing that I have another 3 things to tick off my business list once completing this blog post… Is… Most definitely work.

And so Mr Confucius, I do have to work. In fact, I have to work damn hard and not just Monday to Friday. But every day of my life.

Is it enjoyable? Yes, most of the time. Is it hard work? Yes, most of the time.

I think it’s important to note that hard work doesn’t have to be a negative thing. You can be working hard, whilst having the time of your life doing what you love. But it is work nonetheless.

I feel that this quote is being batted about like a lifeline to all the disenchanted 9-5-ers out there who dream of a life of Spotify playlists, coffee shop work sessions, waking up naturally and getting paid to do what lights them up.

So if that is you, dear soon-to-be-freelancer, just know this: You will work. You will work harder than you ever have and it’s all on your own dime and your own time. You will rock out, shoot your fist in the air and you will cry into your pillow some days. You will breeze through to-do lists and you will stare at blinking cursers for hours on end. But one thing is for goddamn certain, every day you show up to do what you love, is work. It’s hard work. But it’s f*cking amazing too.

Much love,


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