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I had a completely different post scheduled for today, but something so awesome happened that I HAD to share it instead.

I was featured on THE HUFFINGTON POST.
The post is called The Exact Recipe for Online Success (and Why You Shouldn’t Listen to All the Internet Marketers)

If you have me as a friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Instagram… You may be sick of me shouting this from the rooftops already. But please understand that this is an awesome accomplishment for me and I’m just so excited to share it. I’ve had this on my business bucket list for a couple of months and to be honest, it rolled around a lot quicker than I expected.

If you’re interested, click below to read the article!


And, I’ve had quite a few of you tell me that you want to know in detail how exactly I got featured. I’ll be sharing that in a future post, likely in a step by step form. It was a pretty bizarre story. So stay tuned for that. You can sign up for my newsletter below to make sure you don’t miss it.

Much love,



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