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I’m part of an incredible online community called SPARK. It’s a mastermind and meeting of minds (of sorts). The entire thing is hosted in an instant messenger style software called SLACK.


If you’ve never heard of it before it’s much like MSN Messenger meets Twitter. There’s a constant stream of conversation, punctuated with people being tagged, emojis flying everywhere and incredible conversation.


One of the biggest things I’ve learnt from being a part of this community is that it’s totally cool to Jump In & Jump Out. You don’t need to know the context of the conversation, you don’t need to have read every single post that came before, you don’t need to have read up on anything. You just Jump In… talk and jump out when real life beckons.


I’ve taken this lesson into my entire online presence now. No longer do I feel the urge, pull or push to stay ‘up-to-date with every Facebook group, blog post and favourited article.


I work my life around my needs, my family and my business. Then… when I’ve got time. I Jump Into feedly/facebook/twitter have a little look at what’s happening, talk to some folks, then Jump Out into the real world where all the super interesting stuff is happening.


So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff flying around in the ether that you don’t have time to catch up on, adopt the Jump In, Jump Out mentality and kill FOMO dead.


Much love,




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