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a round up of beautiful things

Tidy for a Friday is my excuse to roam the lands of the internet and find interesting or beautifully designed pieces that pique my interest, only to take them back to these pages to show you. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I just admire them. A virtual fake shopping list… If you will. All sources are linked below.


The Luminoodle LED Light Rope looks like a pretty cool and practical way to stay safe on a bike. Visible from all angles, flexible and energy efficient. Although the people with headlamps will always win the cool points. 

Generally, I’m a fan of soy candles over petroleum based candles (they burn cleaner and more even), but I couldn’t look past these beauties. The mixed metal, the lids with little chains, the hammered effect. *sigh*

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the Egyptians. I used to have one of those gold snakes that wraps around the top of my arm and I’d wear it… Just ’cause. This necklace is called Cleopatra. It’s gold and faceted and perfect. I just wish I could ask my parents to buy it for me like they did that snake arm wrap. 

Just imagine how amazing pastries would look if they were rolled out with this bad boy.

I need a This Is My Too Tired To Function Sweatshirt.

These circular beach towels are everywhere I look these days. I even encountered a girl on the actual beach with one of them and they look just as comfy and chic in real life.

I don’t like leaving my handbag on the floor and I get disappointed when I go to a bar and they don’t have hooks under the table. I think this is a great solution.

Sunglasses with bits of unnecessary parts on them. That’s my jam lately. Which is exactly why I love these metal numbers with little bars on top. They also come in a really cool black & amber.

Anything tickle your fancy too?

Happy Friday folks!!

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