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Are you leaking time you'd rather spend on being happy?

Here’s one thing that will make your week massively more productive. 

Know where you’re leaking time. 

And I don’t mean lazing on the couch on a Sunday reading a magazine, (I don’t consider relaxing to be wasted time). I don’t want you to ‘hustle’ or be all-go all the time. To me, that’s not normal and/or healthy. 

But where in your days are you spending time and subsequently feeling crap about it? Like you’ve zoned out and weren’t really engaged in anything that made you happy or was worth while.

For me lately, that’s been Facebook.
I always come away from it feeling like I’ve been in a trance and have lost 10 minutes from my life for no good reason. 

For you, it might be something different.
It doesn’t matter, the solution is always the same. 

Create a trigger that interrupts the flow and prompts you to take a different path. 

For me, I calculated that by spending 30 minutes on Facebook each day (an average amount taken from my Rescue Time reports) meant:

30 mins per day =
182 hours per year =
23 working days (based on 8 working hours Ie. 9am-5pm) = 
Almost a month of my working year spent on Facebook

The sobering thought that I’ve been loosing a month of my year on Facebook was enough to flip the switch.

So now, every time I go on automatic pilot and type ‘F’ into my browser, I say to myself “What would I rather spend 23 days on than mindlessly scrolling Facebook?”.

  • Sometimes that’s stepping out onto the balcony to breathe in some fresh sea air.
  • Sometimes that’s working a little longer on the outline for the online productivity course I’m building.
  • Sometimes that’s going to find my son and reading him a book. 

Getting clear on the time you sacrifice on distractions gives you power to use that time for things that actually bring you joy, pleasure and fulfilment. 

So I have a challenge for you…

  1. Think of something you do on autopilot that does not bring you any true joy or fulfilment. 

  2. Calculate how much time you spend a year on that one thing.

  3. Create a trigger sentence that interrupts the flow and allows you to make a different choice when you go into autopilot.

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