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I’m sitting in a cafe that’s across the road from my house. They do great breakfasts here and today is a day where I feel like being in the company of strangers, rather than couped up at home.

I’m working.

As are five other people in this room, judging by the flipped laptop lids and the serious look of focus on their faces.

But the one stand out person here for me is the middle aged gentleman to my left. He’s wearing the same look of focus as the rest of us, but his eyes are not fixed on a monitor. They’re fixed on a crossword puzzle.

He’s got a delicious looking hot chocolate next to his right hand, perfect for alternating between casual sips and dancing a pen around the page as he brings his puzzle together.

And I’m learning.

This morning, I decided to change things up a bit. And instead of dropping Ethan off at daycare and returning home to launch straight into my pending to do list, I decided that I would start my work day by straightening my hair and painting my nails.

My goal was to be at this cafe by 10am working. I was here by 9:20am. What did I learn from this? That too often, the things we want to do for pleasure, be that slicking on a few coats of nail polish or sitting down to a crossword puzzle, take way less time that we think.

This man sitting next to me, do you think he cleared his entire day with the plans to do nothing but go to a cafe, do a crossword puzzle and drink hot chocolate? Likely not. Do you think he has a family and obligations and daily responsibilities to attend to? Likely so. But he chose to slice a little time out of his day to do something that clearly brings him joy.

That gentleman, since I began writing this, has just packed up his things and left the cafe to go about the rest of his day. I bet he’ll be kinder to his colleagues, brighter for his wife and more relaxed in himself because of it.

I’m taking note.

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