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I’m fresh off the back of a glorious weekend away with some great friends. 

Six adults, one toddler and a beautiful Cavalier named Gracie. We rented a beach house about an hour and a half north of Perth and did absolutely nothing constructive. It was fantastic. We beach walked, sunbathed, talked and played board games. We ate copious amounts of food and drank many freshly blended Margaritas. Ethan was so loved and cared for by all of us and quickly became the best of friends with Gracie. Bliss. 

But one thing came to light as I was packing. I scoured my bookshelves for a bit of light holiday reading to match the mood of the trip. A page turner. And I came up with nothing. It appears my bookshelves have become full of business and motivation books without my conscious knowing. It reads of things like “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, “The Big Leap” and “Get Sh*t Done”. Any fictions I still have were read long ago. 

While on our trip (and bookless, might I add), I was coached by the queen of reading for pleasure… Rae Hicks. Rae has recently started a blog called Being With Me – Embracing The Awesomeness of Me Time. She loves nothing more than to skip off somewhere alone with a book, getting lost in its world.

I confessed to Rae that the only thing I really do for myself these days is straighten my hair. I’m not even joking. Everything else I do on a daily basis is for my son, my husband or my clients. Zero me-time.

We quickly decided that I needed to put the business books away and go get lost in some fiction. Fiction to feed my imagination, broaden my thinking and just let me off the Goddamn hook of always striving and trying to better myself and my business. It’s exhausting.

I feel like I’ll revisit the topic of me-time on this blog soon, but instead of sitting here for another hour creating a pinteresting image to go with this post and optimizing it to the hilt, I’m off to read a book. 

And if you’re wondering where that place is in the image above. That’s Moore River. Where our beach house was. Idyllic. 

Love and hot tea, 



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