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workin like a mother
Ethan is exactly 14 months today.
And today, he took his very first steps!! Gavin just happened to get home from work early which meant we were both there when he took them.

It was an incredibly emotional thing for me, watching this little guy start to use his legs. He looked like a little person and I was completely overcome with both pride and joy. Pure pure joy.

I love being a mama and I love working from home on my business.

So much so, that I’ve decided to start a little online community for those of us workin’ like a mother.

We’re a group of self-motivated, self-empowered women who work from home and take care of our beautiful families. It’s a loving space for us to get together to talk about life, family and business and how all three blend. So whether you’re parenting, pregnant, work for a company or work for yourself, I’d love you to come join us at Workin’ Like a Mother Facebook Group for cute photos, high fives and business resources.

I’ve also uploaded a video of Ethan’s first steps to the group (fair warning: I’m singing in the video).

Hope to see you there!

Much love,


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